Middle Level Education Mathematics

Middle Level Education Mathematics Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.Ed.) with Certification

Middle Level Education Mathematics

Become a middle school math teacher with Cal U's comprehensive teaching degree.

Make an incalculable impact on the next generation by teaching middle school mathematics. A bachelor's degree in education with Pennsylvania grades 4-8 mathematics certification will give you in-depth teacher training - including an entire semester of student teaching - as well as specialization in teaching mathematical concepts.

 California University of Pennsylvania's middle level education bachelor's degree is a four-year undergraduate program that is rooted in evidence-based teaching techniques and the standards of the Association of Middle Level Education (AMLE). This bachelor's degree program prepares you for a top teaching career through hands-on experiences in local middle schools, rigorous coursework, professional development seminars and more. 

Program Highlights: Middle Level Education

Professional Development Schools: Cal U collaborates with a group of Professional Development Schools (PDS) in western Pennsylvania. This gives you the opportunity to travel to nearby middle schools to practice instructional delivery in real-world classrooms.

Top Accreditation: This undergraduate degree program is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Cal U's education programs have also been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) since 1954, and we are continuing with the successor organization, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). See CAEP reporting measures of program impact and outcomes.

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15 Weeks 
Weeks of student teaching in a grades 4-8 classroom with increasing levels of responsibility for planning, instructional delivery and assessment.
Years of experience training top teachers in Pennsylvania and beyond.
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Degree Benefits

Benefits of earning your Cal U middle level education bachelor's degree with a concentration in mathematics include:

  • Extensive fieldwork and student teaching in local Pennsylvania middle schools.
  • The development of proven teaching techniques in introductory courses in algebra, geometry, data analysis and probability, ratios and proportions, expressions and equations.
  • Full preparation for Pennsylvania grades 4-8 teaching
  • Job placement support from faculty, alumni and Cal U's Career and Professional Development Center.
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Graduate Outcomes

Cal U's middle level education bachelor's degree with a concentration in mathematics will prepare you to be an effective classroom leader. You'll graduate with the hands-on experience you need to be a competitive candidate for mathematics teaching positions, as wall as many other educational roles. Cal U program alumni have gone on to careers as:

  • Public or private school
  • Para-educators and remediation teachers.
  • Children and youth services members.
  • Substitute teachers and recreation services instructors.
  • Curriculum authors, and more.
Middle Level Education Bachelor's Degree
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Practical Skills that Make a Difference

"I can't express how valuable the education program was to me at Cal U. ... Learning how to analyze student data and how to make changes to my instruction to meet students' needs enables me to provide the best education for each student that I have on a regular basis." - Amanda Bilitski '15

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Share Your Passion for Numbers

As a mathematics education student at Cal U, you'll review your own math skills while learning a variety of strategies to be used in teaching mathematics to middle level students - including making connections to other mathematics concepts, to various subject areas, and to real-life situations. Your courses will be rooted in national and Pennsylvania math standards, and will give you the opportunity to engage in teaching short activities to small groups of children in grades 4-8.

A Cal U professor stands against a marker board with equations written on it.

Faculty Expertise

At Cal U, you'll work closely with top education professors who have experience as middle school teachers and can relate theory to real-life experiences. Our faculty members are available and approachable. They are here to answer your questions, provide personal assistance, and give you the resources you need for career success.

Middle Level Education Bachelor's Degree Courses

This bachelor's degree and teaching certification program will give you in-depth training in grades 4-8 education and specialization in the teaching of mathematics. Upon successful completion of this program, you will earn a bachelor's degree and will be eligible for Pennsylvania teaching certification.

  • Elementary Topics In Math
  • Child Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Introduction To Grade 4-8 Middle Level Education
  • Instruction And Assessment In Grade 4-8 Classrooms
  • Math Methods, Assessment And Intreventions
  • Technology In Teaching And Learning
  • Evidence-Based Practices For Elementary Inclusion

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Middle Level Education

Bachelor's Degree
Certification Concentrations

Middle Level (Grades 4-8) Education Faculty

Dr. Peter Cormas
Assistant Professor


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Dr. Holly L. Diehl
Professor and Coordinator of Professional Development Schools Program


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Dr. Diane Fine
Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Reading Specialist Program


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Dr. J. William Hug
Associate Professor; Science, Environment and STEM Teacher Education


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Dr. Rebecca Maddas
Assistant Professor


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Dr. Michelle Torregano
Associate Professor and PreK-4 Graduate Coordinator


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