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About the Spanish for Business Certificate

Enhance your employment opportunities with specialized Spanish language skills.

Gain leverage in the global job market by learning how to speak and understand Spanish in a business context. PennWest California’s 100% online certificate in Spanish for business combines a series of beginner and intermediate level Spanish language classes with a course dedicated entirely to building the Spanish skillset needed by business professionals.

PennWest California’s Spanish for Business certificate program will enable you to:

  • Effectively communicate in Spanish within a business and international trade context.
  • Understand the business integrity and values that are recognized in the Hispanic community.
  • Obtain greater opportunities for employment in local, national, and international settings.


100% Online: Adapt your workload to even the busiest of schedules. PennWest California’s Spanish for Business certificate program is delivered asynchronously online, which means you can grow your knowledge and strengthen your credentials from anywhere and at any time.

Immersion Opportunities: PennWest California can assist you in finding immersion or Spanish-speaking experience in the United States and abroad. Take advantage of study abroad opportunities, faculty-led travel experiences and Spanish-based internships in places like Spain, Costa Rica, Miami, Fla., and more. 

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As the second most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese, Spanish is key to some of the biggest global markets. It is also one of the six major languages of the United Nations.
5% - 20% 
Average pay boost (above the base rate per hour) for Spanish-speaking employees in positions that offer a bilingual pay differential, according to
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Certificate Benefits

The benefits of PennWest California’s Spanish for Business certificate include: Spanish credentials that will help you stand out in the job market. Opportunities to work with professors on new research and present at local, national and international conferences. Internship and job placement support from PennWest California’s Career and Professional Development Center. A broad understanding of Hispanic culture and how it relates to U.S. and global business trends.

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Graduate Outcomes

According to the latest market reports, the Latino population will account for 40% of employment growth over the next five years and 75% between 2020 and 2034. Hence the expanding need for Spanish language skills relating to products and services for this market. PennWest California’s Spanish for business certificate will enable you to thrive in this changing marketplace. PennWest California program alumni have gone on to successful careers in areas such as: Exports, imports and distribution. Corporate management. Customer service. Business sales. Banking. National and international purchasing.

Spanish for Business Certificate

Hispanic and Foreign Language Clubs

PennWest California has its own Hispanic and foreign language clubs. All students, regardless of ethnicity or language capabilities, are welcome to join.

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Course Spotlight: Spanish for Business

This certificate course emphasizes the practical Spanish communication skills and vocabulary used in daily business scenarios, interpersonal business relations, commercial analysis, customer service, and more.


Spanish for Business Certificate Courses


Course Credits
SPN 101  Elementary Spanish I 3
SPN 102  Elementary Spanish II 3
SPN 203  Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPN 305  Spanish for Business  3
Total 12


Admission Requirements