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Preschool Program Laboratory School

The Learning and Language Center Preschool Program at California University of Pennsylvania welcomes children of Cal U students, staff and faculty, as well as families in California and surrounding communities.

The Learning and Language Center is a laboratory school under the direct supervision of faculty in the Department of Communication Disorders. Cal U graduate and undergraduate students work directly with the children as part of their clinical experience.

About the Preschool

  • Sessions are held during the fall (September-December) and spring (January-May) semesters from 9 a.m.- noon, Monday through Thursday. Your child must attend all four days of the program.
  • To enter, children must have turned 3-1/2 by August and be no older than 5.
  • Children must be toilet trained.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis for each semester's classes. Fees are charged per term. Call 724-938-4175 to receive a fee schedule or an application.

Services are provided without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, participation restriction, sexual orientation or status as a parent.

A teacer in the Learning and Language Center helps children on tablets.

About the Curriculum

The Learning and Language Center Preschool Program uses portions of the Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood/Pre-Kindergarten. These standards are descriptions of the skills students should have at each grade level in in English/language arts and math. They are beneficial in ensuring readiness for kindergarten.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Approaches to Learning Through Play - Constructing, Organizing and Applying Knowledge.
  • Language and Literacy Development - English Language Arts.
  • Mathematical Thinking and Expression - Exploring, Processing and Problem-Solving.
  • Scientific Thinking and Technology - Exploring, Scientific Inquiry and Discovery.
  • Creative Thinking and Expression - Communicating Through the Arts.

About Our Pre-Literacy Program

The preschool program uses Shared Storybook Reading, Building Young Children's Language and Emergent Literacy Skills (Helen Ezell and Laura Justice, 2005) as a guide and resource for effective storybook reading that promotes the oral reading and emergent literacy skills required for success in school.

The program builds these pre-literacy skills:

  • Demonstrates print awareness.
  • Differentiates print from pictures.
  • Understands print directionality.
  • Knows that print tells a story.
  • Identifies top and bottom of a page.
  • Knows some letters of the alphabet.
  • Understands that words are made up of letters.
  • Recognizes word boundaries.
  • Identifies number of syllables in words.
  • Rhymes words by changing initial sounds.
  • Identifies first sounds of words. 

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Contact Us

Main Office

Dr. Denise Joseph, Director
Email: joseph@calu.edu
Phone: 724-938-4576

Dr. Mary Alice Brightwell
Email: brightwell@calu.edu
Phone: 724-938-4576 

Patricia Falk
Email: falk@calu.edu
Phone: 724-938-4577