Facilities Management

Maintain and enhance a comfortable and safe environment which enables the campus community to live, learn and work. Provides quality, cost effective, responsive and safe, comprehensive facilities support. The department maintains and operates the university's buildings, utilities and infrastructure, provides grounds, maintenance and custodial services and provides planning and engineering support for renovations and construction.

Work Orders

Any staff or faculty member can submit a work request.
Students can have their CA or RA or any other faculty or staff member submit a work request for them.

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Requests for Service

Any request pertaining to the following list should be submitted via the new Asset Essentials. Directions for using the system can be found by clicking on the link above. Be sure you give as much detail as possible concerning your request.

Routine requests for: 

  1. Repairs;
  2. Maintenance;
  3. Furniture moves;
  4. Program set-up support;
  5. Heat;
  6. Air conditioning;
  7. Special cleaning requests;
  8. Key requests.

Should an emergency situation exist, please call our Work Order Clerk at 4409 or 4410 for assistance.  After 4:00 p.m., emergency calls should be directed to Public Safety (Extension 4299 or HELP), who will call out the appropriate people for corrective action. An emergency is a condition, which, if not corrected immediately, could result in one of the following:

  1. The imminent possibility of someone being injured;
  2. The imminent loss of a facility or facility system;
  3. A major disruption of a class (i.e., excessive heat or cold);
  4. Loss of electrical power;
  5. Loss of heat and/or hot water;
  6. Clogged sewage system/device;
  7. Inoperable elevator.

Emergencies such as these are assigned a priority 1 and corrective action will be initiated immediately. 

All other requests are routine and are assigned a priority 2 or 3.  Priority 2-work request are items, which could result in an emergency (priority 1) if not corrected.  Priority 2 work is to be corrected within the next 3 workdays.  A priority 3 is assigned to all other requests and should be completed within 30 calendar days.

Event Planning

In the course of scheduling an event please plan ahead for any supplementary services that you may need such as:

  1. Heating and Air conditioning
  2. Furniture set-up and tear down
  3. Additional Electrical supply
  4. Carpentry Services
  5. Mechanical Services

Once you have determined your additional needs please submit a service request in plenty of time to assure proper scheduling can be maintained. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

Directions for completing a Facility Project Request

When requirements dictate the construction of something new, or work which modifies or renovates an existing facility, this is considered a project. It is at this point that that a Facility Project Request form must be completed.

The attached Facility Project Request needs to be completely and thoroughly filled out. Once all information has been entered, the Facilities Project request form needs to be routed to the following individuals, in order, for review and approval; Department Chair/Director, Dean/Director, Area Vice President, University Architect, Director of Physical Plant and the Vice President for Administration and Finance. Please note that it is up to the requesting department to ensure that funding is available (it is not the responsibility of the Physical Plant to fund any project).

A project will not be considered funded and therefore will not be scheduled to start until all designated individual signatures have been collected. Once a project is approved (all signatures have been collected and a cost center is established), it will be scheduled according to University needs and available manpower.

Please use the Facilities Request Form for requesting a project. Remember it is very important to be specific about your department's requirements.