Professor Offers Insights into Bullying

Dec 27, 2018

Dr. Emily Sweitzer is one of the presenters at a symposium on how to curb the destructive behavior.

emily sweitzer

Dr. Emily Sweitzer, an expert in adolescent behavior, recently spoke at an anti-bullying symposium.

“Stop Bullying: Stand Up. Speak Out,” held at the Fred Rogers Center at St. Vincent College, was presented by Goal Magazine, a publication co-founded by Cal U alumnus Bill Urbanik. His wife, Jessica, is chief relationship manager and also a Cal U graduate.

Sweitzer’s presentation focused on how bullying and aggression develop. It also addressed ways that families, communities and schools can help change perceptions and behaviors that lead to bullying.

“It was an honor to be selected to not only contribute to the proactive endeavors of two alumni, but to also address a growing concern in our schools, families and communities, to gain not only understanding, but to engage in active means for change and prevention,” Sweitzer said.

Sweitzer is the program director for Cal U's bachelor's degree in sociology, with a concentration in social deviance.

Other panelists included Tim Hammill, director of curriculum services at the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit; Beth Babyak, education/outreach manager at Blackburn Center, an anti-violence organization; Ted Hoover, a representative from the Persad Center, an LGBTQ advocacy organization; Sheila Jordan, whose daughter was a victim of bullying; Adam Hoffman, a high school student who is president of a local chapter of the Aevidum Club, which addresses mental health issues; and Matthew Dugan and Elizabeth Bair, middle school students who addressed how bullying affects physical and mental health.