FROM: John Burnett, Special Assistant for EEEO
RE: Student Worker Discrimination training forms and training form receipts-NOTE address to return forms has changed
Sent: 1/15/2020 8:19:45 AM
To: Faculty, Staff

To All Departments or those with Student Workers.  The address on the Student Worker Discrimination training form and training receipt is no longer valid.  If you have the old form, do not return it to Campus Mailbox #9/Social Equity, this address is incorrect and will result in the forms being sent to the wrong area.

The address to return the forms is:  Dr. John Burnett, Office of Human Resources, Campus Mailbox #21.  If you want new forms, please let Dr. Burnett now.  The Student Worker Discrimination training form and receipt are normally, purple/lavender in color.

Dr. Burnett can be reached directly at 724-724-5425 regarding these form.