FROM: The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Diversity Education
RE: California University Celebrate 2020 Black History Month: The Next 400 Years
Sent: 1/29/2020 7:36:19 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Recognition * Restoration * Resilience

2019 marked 400 years since the first enslaved Africans were brought to the United States. African Americans have a rich and storied history, told and untold. Cal U’s 2020 Black History month events recognize and celebrate the struggles, triumphs and resiliency of people and events that blazed the trail to the next 400 years.

       Feb 1, 1:00pm & -3:00pm-Hamer Hall

       Multicultural Affairs at Cal U Basketball

       Feb 3, 11am-12:30pm, Vulcan Theater

       What’s the T? The Day Civil Rights Got Old: One Man Play & Discussion

Dr. Paul Spradley

       Feb 5, 10:30am-2:30pm, Gold Rush

       Soul Food: Taste the History (lunch and dinner)- AVI Dining and Catering Services

       Feb 10, 11am-12pm, Vulcan Theater

       What’s the T?: Educational Places as Racial Spaces— Jessica A. Spradley, FDI Scholar

       Feb 11, 11am-12pm, Vulcan Theater

       What’s the T?: Post-Bellum, Pre-Harlem: African American Authors & the Remembered Plantation— Rod Taylor, FDI Scholar

       Feb 17, 11am-12pm, Vulcan Theater

       What’s the T? “I Have a Dream”, A Multigenerational Discussion of Civil Rights & Social Justice — Mr. Jeff Jones and Cal U faculty, staff, & alumni pane

       Feb 20, 11am-12pm, Vulcan Theater

       What’s the T?: (In)Justice Through the Lens of African American Law Enforcement- Dr. Mathilda Spencer with members of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement

       Feb 24, 7:00pm, Performance Center

       Black History Month Trivia- Sponsored by Office of Multicultural Affairs

       Feb 27, 10:30am-2:30pm, Gold Rush

       Taste of Africa: African-inspired Menu

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