FROM: Dr. John Burnett, Special Assistant for EEEO
RE: The Social Equity Website Page Has Been Removed - Now Known as Equal Opportunity
Sent: 1/31/2020 10:46:52 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

The Social Equity website page has been removed as it is now known as Equal Opportunity.  Equal Opportunity information can be found under the Human Resources webpage at  If someone attempts to go to the old Social Equity site, they will find it no longer exists.  All former policies, complaint forms, and related information are now under Equal Opportunity on the Human Resources webpage.  

Note:  Dr. John Burnett, the Special Assistant for EEEO and Title IX Coordinator is still in the process of updating policies related to the old Social Equity site.  Dr. Burnett can be contacted at 724-938-5425, via, or at his office in Human Resources, Suite 408, Dixon Hall.  

For those not wanting to meet in his office, he is still willing to meet elsewhere on campus, or off campus, as long as it is in a public setting; dorms or private residences are not an option.