FROM: Student Activities & Leadership
RE: Club and Organization Fair
Sent: 1/31/2020 12:20:40 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff


The Club and Organization Fair will be held on
Tuesday, February 4, 2020.

Time: 11:00am until 12:30pm
Location: Natali Student Center | Performance Center


Check in begins at 10:15 am for allocated clubs,
10:45am for all other clubs, and the fair ends at 12:30pm.


 ALL Allocated Clubs and Organizations must be in attendance during the time of the fair. 

Failure to provide club representation during the fair will result in a 5% penalty.


Please only use ½ of a table during set up to ensure there is enough room for all clubs to participate.

 For questions or concerns please contact Joy Helsel at