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    FROM: Faculty Professional Development Center RE: FPD Committee’s Upcoming Deadlines for the Spring 2013 Term
    2/11/2013 9:46:07 AM
    To: Faculty

    FPDC’s Upcoming Deadlines for the Spring 2013 Term



    Just a friendly reminder of the following deadlines for FPD Committee forms which are due at the Faculty Center, Azorsky 134, by the date and times as listed below:



    Merit Award Nomination Form        February 15, 2013                   Noon




    Internal Annual Grant Proposal       February 25, 2013                   10:00 am




    AED Grant Proposal                         February 25, 2013                    10:00 am




    Summer 2013 Small Grant Proposal          March 15, 2013              Noon

    Fall 2013 Small Grant Proposal                  March 15, 2013              Noon




    AED Presentation Proposal                        March 17, 2013              Midnight