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FROM: Women's Studies RE: Sports, Equality,Gender Roles, and Unconventional Leadership in Media
2/27/2013 11:57:27 AM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

Women and Sports: Examining Gender Roles, Sports, Equality, and Unconventional Leadership in Media

The Women’s Studies Program is sponsoring a movie panel discussion on March 26, 2013 at 11:00 am in Duda 210.

A montage of movie clips from popular sports movies dealing with issues of gender, equality, and unconventional leadership such as “A League of Their Own,” “Million Dollar Baby,” and other movies will be shown. After the clips are played, Faculty Dr. Carol Biddington and Professor Beverly Ross will discuss issues such as gender roles in sports, Title IX, etc. in sports. Discussion, questions, and answers from the audience will follow.

For more information, contact Dr. McClintock-Comeaux at or Amber Preston at