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FROM: Swarn Gill RE: Tornado Chasing class!
4/25/2013 12:29:25 PM
To: Students

Dear Students,

 Interested in chasing tornadic storms across the great plains?  EAS 436 - Field Methods in Earth Science gives you that opportunity.  The course is a short field course from May 28th to Jun 8th.  It takes place in the central plains where road networks are good, land is flat, and trees are sparce because this is the safest environment for chasing tornadoes.  It takes about a day to drive out and a day to drive back, so that leaves about 10 days for chasing weather. 

Keep in mind that since this is the weather it doesn't always cooperate.  Tornado chasing is also not easy, so I can't guarantee a tornado.  When the weather doesn't cooperate and it's nice we try to do some hikes, sometimes we even go into the Rockies if the weather looks clear for several days in a row.  On days with severe weather, while I can't guarantee a tornado I can guarantee a pretty good storm that makes for some decent pictures! :)

In addition to the cost of a 3 credit hour course, plus you are responsible for your food and $200 upfront for accomodations. 

 Also as I said I am willing to tailor the course requirements to any major.

Please e-mail me at if interested.