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FROM: Dr. Christina A. Toras/Chair, Professional Studies Department RE: Summer Elective
4/25/2014 3:17:30 PM
To: Students


If you are looking for a fascinating summer elective taught by one of our most illustrious and engaging professors (Professor Kevin Govern), please consider registering for LAW 440, offered 100% ONLINE by the Professional Studies Department. This course provides students with a theoretical and practical understanding of the process and procedures relating to immigration law. It also provides proper methodology for client interviews and client files, as well as an introduction to preparation of petitions and agencies that are part of immigration law. Students will have practice in completing standard immigration forms, researching immigration law, accessing government and other websites for immigration related materials, and reviewing current issues in immigration law. Students will be able to assess each Visa category, determining the type of filing required by client circumstance. Students will analyze hypothetical situations, allowing students to scrutinize actual problems and issues that arise when processing a case. United States immigration statutes, rules and regulations, and precedent and administrative policies relevant to immigration law are fully covered. (3 crs.)