FROM: Counseling Center RE: Referral Guide
1/16/2024 2:38:40 PM
To: Faculty, Staff


PennWest California

Counseling Center Referral Guide

·       The counseling center is housed within the University Health Center on the ground floor of Carter Hall – G 53.


·         Regular office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm.


·       Counseling services are offered in-person or via Zoom during the Fall and Spring semesters and only when class is in session.  The counseling center is closed during Winter and Summer breaks.

The counseling center offers professional and confidential counseling services for developmental, educational, and personal goals. The PennWest California Counseling Center is staffed by licensed professionals who aim to help students overcome personal issues and stressful situations including but not limited to:

·         Relationship distress                      

·         Academic Difficulties

·         Anxiety

·         Depression

·         Adjustment disorders

·         Acute Trauma

Counseling services are confidential according to state and federal law and there is no additional charge to PennWest California University Students.

To schedule a counseling appointment: students may be directed to


1.    Fill out a Counseling Services Request Form online.


2.    Contact the Counseling Center at 724-938-4056. 


v  ONLY the student seeking counseling services can request an appointment.  If you are a faculty, staff, or parent and you are concerned for a student’s wellbeing you may call the Counseling Center at 724-938-4056 and request to speak to a counselor regarding your concerns or you can file a BIT report and your concern will be addressed by the PennWest California Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).




PennWest California

Crisis Management Procedures

For the purposes of PennWest California’s procedures a crisis is identified as anyone who has/is experiencing one or more of the following:


  •          Self-injury within 24 hours
  •          Suicide attempt within the last 30 days
  •          Thoughts of suicide or homicide (recent)
  •          Domestic violence or sexual assault (recent)
  •          Death of a loved one within 2 weeks
  •          Hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren’t there)
  •          Out of control alcohol or recreational drug use
  •          Increase in stress, anxiety, or depression such that they are unable to complete activities of daily living.
  •          Heightened state of distress and is unable to maintain composure.


When any of the above situations occur, please use the following procedure:

·        If someone is in an immediate medical emergency or cannot communicate, call 911 immediately.

·        If you are not with the student and they express immediate danger to self or others  call 911 immediately.


·         Students or concerned individuals can call the

o   Wellness Services/Counseling Center at 724-938-4056 (during regular business hours) or

o   University Police at 724-938-4299

·         Students will be asked to come to the Health Center for a Crisis Assessment.  The professional faculty counselors will assist the student in

o   Reducing the intensity of their current emotional state,

o   Identifying and utilizing coping mechanisms to return to previous level of functioning prior to the crisis.

o   And to identify appropriate treatment going forward – options considered may include campus counseling, off-campus counseling, or hospitalization when necessary.

After Business Hours

·         With a student on or off campus call/contact

o   SPHS Hotline 1-877-225-3567 (Washington County) or

o    RESOLVE Crisis Hotline 1-888-796-8226 (Allegheny County)

o   National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 988

o   Crisis Text line by texting “HOME” to 741 741


v  Follow-up procedure – File a BIT report as soon as possible.