FROM: Supplemental Instruction RE: Supplemental Instruction
1/26/2024 1:06:50 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff




Let me tell you more about it!

The SI Program is designed to assist students in mastering difficult course materials through additional group study sessions. These sessions are not just about reiterating content but are aimed at promoting effective study strategies, fostering a proactive and inclusive learning atmosphere, and encouraging students to form meaningful connections with their peers. Tailored to address various learning styles, the SI sessions are set to enhance the overall learning experience, preparing students for success in their current and future academic endeavors.

The SI Program offers a unique opportunity to engage with course material in a new and dynamic way, with the added benefit of no required appointments. Students can attend sessions as their schedules allow, providing a flexible and supportive addition to their academic resources.

Use the link below to access the courses that we are offering Supplemental Instruction and locate the days/times/locations that weekly sessions are held.