Leadership Studies MinorLeadership Studies Minor

Leadership Studies Minor

Leaders are found in all facets of life, including education, business, politics and local communities. With a leadership studies minor, you’ll gain the educational tools and social skills necessary to give you a competitive edge in the global economy.

The leadership minor complements all majors because it is interdisciplinary, drawing electives from across the curriculum. This minor is an excellent addition to any degree program because all careers of distinction demand both an understanding of and an ability to demonstrate leadership skills. In addition, this minor enhances and deepens an individual’s ability to make sense of local, national and world events and the decisions made by individuals and groups with control over resources, and provides another set of conceptual tools for being a critical and responsible citizen of the world.

Required Courses12 credits

LEA 100Introduction to Leadership Studies/Leadership and Power3
LEA 397Internship in Leadership Studies6
LEA 400Capstone/Seminar in Leadership3