Bachelor of Arts in Parks and Recreation ManagementBachelor of Arts in Parks and Recreation Management

Bachelor of Arts in Parks and Recreation Management

The primary philosophy and goals of the parks and recreation management program at California University of Pennsylvania is to improve the quality of life for our citizens and our communities. To accomplish this, we develop qualified and professional leadership capable of enabling people to achieve individual and family leisure lifestyles which will enrich one’s life and the community.

This program of study is also dedicated to the effective preservation, management and use of our natural resources. The steadily growing amounts of leisure time at the disposal of increasing numbers of American people place demands upon both the natural resource base and the social framework of our nation. An expanding population, increased disposable per capita income, vastly improved modes of transportation, trends toward urbanization and suburbanization, higher education levels, mechanization, and the growing propensity of people to live richer, more complete lives has created the demand for parks and recreation management professionals.

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A Cal U student guides white water rafters down the OhioPyle. Cal U student Thomas Hamilton guides a group through rapids
during his internship at Ohiopyle State Park.