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FROM: Teaching and Learning Center RE: D2L - .myArea2Learn for Students
8/23/2013 3:46:44 PM
To: Students, Faculty, Staff

The Teaching and Learning Center Launches .myArea2Learn for Students

What is .myArea2Learn?  This is an area within Desire2Learn where all students can access the D2L Student Orientation.

What is the D2L Student Orientation?  It is a self-paced orientation to help familiarize you with using and navigating though the D2L Learning Management System.  We are recommending that all new students take advantage of this resource. Existing students may also review the orientation to reacclimatize to D2L. 

How do I access the D2L Student Orientation?  You can access it by clicking on the D2L Student Orientation – D2L10SO course link under the .myArea2Learn within your My Courses menu inside D2L (as seen in the image below).         

Note:  the 4168 that appears in front of .myArea2Learn is for sorting purposes only.