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FROM: Options@Cal U RE: Wish List for the holiday break
12/12/2013 10:12:51 AM
To: Students

This is our wish list for our fellow students during the holiday/winter break:

We hope you don’t get any ugly sweaters

We hope you dance (unless you hate dancing)

We hope you get to sleep in (at least once)

We hope you get to truly laugh out loud (at least twice) 

We hope you do something legen………………….wait for it……………dary

We hope you get to listen to Mariah Carey’s holiday album…or whatever tunes put you in a festive, feel good mood

We hope you get to spend good time with friends and family

We hope any of those friends and family who are in recovery are able to remain clean and sober

And, last but not least…

We hope you consider all your “Options” and decide to make good choices

Happy Holidays!