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FROM: Office of Academic Success RE: Early Warning System Now Active
2/19/2014 11:18:28 AM
To: Faculty

The Cal U Early Warning system is a mechanism by which faculty can voluntarily contact the Office of Academic Success (OAS) and alert them to a student who is struggling in the class. The goal of this program is to help our students become academically successful and thereby increase the university retention rates and graduation rates.


To use the early warning system, a faculty member simply sends an email to with the name of the student and the area of academic concern. Laura Jeannerette will follow up with each student and develop an appropriate action plan as needed. Some reasons that a student could be referred include:


a.                   Low test grades

b.                  Poor class attendance

c.                   Arriving late to class

d.                  Incomplete or missing assignments

e.                  Weak writing skills

f.                    Lack of reading comprehension

g.                   Time management issues

h.                  Poor study habits

i.                     Lack of essential mathematic computational skills

j.                    No participating in D2L assignments

k.                   Inappropriate or no participation in class or discussion board

l.                     Other student concerns


Please note that information provided by faculty is not be permitted to be used in any evaluation promotion or tenure documentation or review.


Together we can all help our students achieve their goal of earning a degree from Cal U.