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About The Online Master's in Applied Mathematics

Combine coursework in mathematics with building leadership and management skills.

Graduate students can now pursue an innovative online master's in applied mathematics at PennWest California. The Professional Science Master's (PSM) degree, launched in 2015, is designed for professionals in business, government or nonprofit organizations. Teachers seeking advanced math education and undergraduates going on for advanced study also choose the PSM.

This 30-credit program can be completed in as little as 13 months with full-time study. 

Gain specialized skills to advance in your career.

The PSM program is 100% online, offering busy students and working professionals valuable flexibility to do coursework at their convenience.

PSM students complete a hands-on capstone internship experience in a corporate, industrial or other professional setting. 

PennWest California's PSM degree program received affiliation approval from the PSM National Office, which oversees 365 affiliated PSM programs nationwide.


Big data
The PSM in applied mathematics focuses on "big data" and statistical data analysis. The program combines rigorous coursework with education in leadership, management or other skills essential to career advancement. Paired with our joint SAS Graduate Certificate in Data Science, you'll be prepared to work with big data and earn an industry-coveted SAS credential.

PennWest California developed the PSM program in consultation with industry advisers to ensure that students will be fully prepared to meet employer needs. The final capstone project allows students to solve real data problems typical in this high-demand field.

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Affiliated PSM programs are offered by 165 institutions nationwide, reports the national PSM clearinghouse.
18 to 1 
Student-to-faculty ratio at PennWest California.
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Degree Benefits

Students can expect to learn about handling data and information that keep industries moving smoothly, including data management, data mining, data handling and multivariate analysis skills. Core learning focuses on operations research, cryptography, project management and leadership skills. This degree can be paired with our joint SAS® Graduate Certificate in Data Science by adding only six additional credits. This certificate gives students employer-preferred SAS credentials and the preparation to become SAS-certified as a Big Data Professional.

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Graduate Outcomes

Online masters in applied mathematics graduates gain in-demand knowledge in data analysis and mathematics for a variety of STEM-related occupations throughout business, government and commercial sectors. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that mathematics-related jobs nationwide are projected to grow 33% by 2029.


Applied Mathematics Courses and Admissions Requirements

Responding to strong marketplace demand, the PSM in applied mathematics focuses on a range of essential topics from data mining to advanced nonparametric statistics.



Course Credits
PSA 611  Optimization and Operations Research I 3
PSA 671  Advanced Multivariate Statistics 3
PSM 645  Applied Cryptography 3
PSM 675  Project Management 3
PSM 760  Leadership and Professional Development 3
PSM 799  PSM Capstone Course 6
Electives 9
Total 30


Admission Requirements

Regular Admission Requirements

  • Regionally accredited bachelor's degree with a GPA of 3.00 or higher in math, science, engineering, statistics or related discipline (Students with a GPA below 3.00 or a degree outside the areas listed may apply for conditional admission)
  • Official transcripts from a regionally accredited undergraduate institution
  • Prerequisite courses (if applicable) passed with a C or better grade

Conditional Admission Requirements

  • Conditional Admission may be granted with the following modifications of the Regular Admissions Requirements:  
    • GPA under 3.00 will be reviewed for a decision
    • Applicants without a degree in math, science, engineering, statistics or related discipline will be reviewed by the program coordinator for an admission decision
    • May be required to take Pre-requisite Course/s after a transcript review

Provisional Admission
Applicants who have provided unofficial documentation of test scores, prerequisite courses, transcripts or lack of letter(s) of recommendation may be admitted provisionally.

This policy also applies to undergraduate students who apply for graduate admission pending bachelor degree completion. Upon receipt of all official documents, a student will be changed from Provisional Admission to either Regular Admission or Conditional Admission. Provisional Admission students may take classes for one term but will not be eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

How to Apply:

School of Graduate Studies and Research
PennWest California
Box 91
250 University Ave. 
California, PA 15419

For additional information:
Phone: 1.866.595.634


Applied Mathematics Careers

Mathematics plays a major role in the bottom line of industrial organizations, and helps companies perform better in today’s data-driven marketplace. If you’re great with numbers and analysis, you could be one of them. And if you’re keen to know how your talent might guide you to one of several Applied Math careers where you can thrive.


Capstone Advantages

PennWest California's first group of PSM students secured such top capstone internship opportunities as: clinical trial research at Mylan; enrollment studies with St. Francis University in Pennsylvania; and statistician for the Washington Wild Things baseball team. 

online masters in applied mathematics

Big Data

 The term "big data" refers to data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate to deal with them. Managing big data means new challenges for analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy.