PennWest California Police Department

The PennWest California Police Department is responsible for security on campus. All PennWest California police officers have extensive, ongoing police training, including courses in criminal justice, investigation, accident reporting, first aid, and criminal law and procedures. Their top priority is the safety and security of our campus community.

University police officers check weekly with local police and receive all information concerning allegations of criminal activity by students. This information is retained by the PennWest California Police Department and provided to the associate dean for student conduct, who may subject the violator to University disciplinary procedures.

Officers and staff

The PennWest California Police Department is on duty around the clock, every day of the year. Campus police officers work with with local, state and federal law enforcement, as needed, to process physical evidence or investigate crimes. Meet our campus police officers and staff.

Our Police

Crime and fire safety statistics

The Annual Safety Report (Clery Report), as well as security policies and procedures, is available at the Admissions and Administration and Finance offices in Dixon Hall; the Student Affairs Office in the Natali Student Center; and the PennWest California Police Department in the Pollock Building.

Safety Report