Faculty Search Information

The hiring of excellent faculty is a crucial element in determining the overall direction of PennWest California. The University pursues Equal Opportunity Employment in order to attract qualified persons of color, women, persons with disabilities, disabled veterans and veterans. 

Vigorous national recruitment efforts will be employed to secure a large pool of qualified applicants for tenure-track faculty searches. These efforts are the responsibility of the search committees, academic departments, Faculty Search Coordinator and the Office of Human Resources. Such an approach ensures the opportunity to review the academic quality of numerous applicants and serves to heighten the diversity of our academic community.

Should a doubt arise as to the proper course of action required during the hiring process or when a situation occurs that appears to necessitate a modification of any of the procedures, hiring managers, search committees, department chairs and administrators are urged to consult with the following individuals:

For general search items, contact Dr. Leonard A Colelli, Associate Provost for Assessment and Accreditation, at 724-938-4302 or via email at colelli@pennwest.edu.

For questions regarding the PeopleAdmin system, contact the Senior Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Eric Guiser, at 724-938-4427 or via email to guiser@pennwest.edu.

PennWest California no longer accepts hard-copy applications. To apply for employment with the University, create an employment application in our PeopleAdmin hiring system. Once you apply your application to a posting, you will receive a confirmation from the system. 

PennWest California is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

Faculty Search Diversity Leader Initiative

The goal of the Faculty Search Diversity Leader Initiative is to provide a cadre of faculty who are willing to serve as diversity advocates on faculty search committees. These faculty members are trained in diversity issues related to conducting an equitable search process. As diversity advocates, they are EEO representatives committed to ensuring that the search committees on which they serve adhere to the basic principles of equal opportunity in hiring practices.

The Faculty Search Diversity Leaders Roster contains the names of diversity leaders. Faculty search committee chairs can select from this list to satisfy the requirement of having an EEO representative on the search committee.

Faculty Search Diversity Leader Roster

Faculty Search Diversity Leader Training Requirements

  1. Office of Human Resources' required training can be accessed here
  2. View the Faculty Search Diversity Leader Training Videos 

Faculty Search Timeline

2018-2019 Faculty Search Timeline

If you are interested in joining the Faculty Search Diversity Leader Initiative contact the Faculty Diversity Coordinator, TBD.

SPOT (Search, Procedures, Operations, and Tasks) Briefing

SPOT Briefing Powerpoint

Each fall semester, the Faculty Search Coordinator conducts a SPOT Briefing--September 7, 2017 @ 11:00 a.m. in Duda 103. Department Chairs and Hiring Managers must participate. The Special Assistant for EEEO from Human Resources discusses fair and equitable search procedures and emphasizes the University's commitment to diversity.

NOTE: Searches will not be approved when the Department Chair or Hiring Manager has not participated in the SPOT Briefing.

Bias in Faculty Search

Shelley Correll, Professor of Sociology at Stanford University and Director of the Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research, discusses bias in faculty searches. Click here to view the video Creating a Level Playing Field.