Presentation Submission

If you are not presenting in person (live or via Zoom) on April 17th, you will need to record a video of your presentation. This video will be available on the Strike a Spark website during the conference. Here are the steps you'll need to follow to make and submit your recording.

Instructions for recording a PowerPoint® lecture or poster using Zoom

If you are using different software to make your presentation, follow the Zoom instructions below and use your software in place of Microsoft PowerPoint®.

  1. Make a large format poster or slide show presentation using PowerPoint®. Please visit the Presentation Guidelines page for information on how to prepare your presentation.
  2. Go to D2L and log in to Zoom (to do this go to communications tab and choose Zoom Portal log in from the dropdown menu).
  3. Open up your PowerPoint® presentation.
  4. In Zoom, click on Share Screen at the bottom. Choose Microsoft PowerPoint® from the options you're given, then click on the blue share button.
  5. In PowerPoint®, open your presentation to its maximum size. To do this, go to the View dropdown menu and choose "Slide Show" or go to the Slide Show drop down menu and choose "Play from Start" or click the Slide Show icon at the bottom of the PowerPoint.
  6. When you are ready to start your presentation, click on the three dots (... ) labeled "More " then select "Record on this computer" from the menu.
  7. This will generate a file that will be saved on your computer. Please save the recording as an mp4 (.mp4) file.

Submitting your presentation

Once you have recorded your presentation, please save it as an mp4 file (.mp4) and use one of the following file name formats.

  1. your full name-poster (if your presentation is in the category “Poster”)
  2. your full name-oral (if your presentation is in the category “Oral/Paper”)
  3. your full name-creative (if your presentation is in the category “Creative Works”)
  4. your full name-performance (if you are a graduate student)

Here is an example: marksmith-creative.MP4

Send your presentation to your faculty sponsor to review, and ask them to sign your faculty sponsor form.

Presentation Submission will open on March 6th, 2024.