2018 Serene Leadership Institute Essay Contest Winners

Cal U is fortunate to have the strong support of two highly engaged alumni.  Through the generosity of Linda ’64 and Dr. Harry ’65 Serene, the Serene Leadership Institute was created at Cal U in 2009.

The guiding principle of the Institute is “to create and maintain a comprehensive leadership development program that will integrate academic and experiential learning through study, workshops, and empowerment, that will manifest through participatory leadership. A focus shall include, but not be limited to, women, minorities and international students.”

An annual essay contest is administered by the Leadership Institute.  The prompt for the contest was to:  “Compose a 1500 word essay providing critical reflection on the influence of gender in leadership.”

1st place ($500) to Leah Veres for “The Good, the Bad, the Male, the Female”

2nd place ($300) to Drew Kerr for “Gender and Leadership: Evolutionary?”

3rd place ($200) to Hadeel Yaquob for “Effects of Gender on Leadership”