Story Girl to the Rescue

Mar 23, 2020

Dr. Clover Simms Wright, from Cal U's Childhood Education Department, uses her alter ego to provide an educational resource to parents and children.

clover wright

Story Girl is on the job!

Dr. Clover Simms Wright, an assistant professor in Cal U’s Department of Childhood Education, is providing an oasis for parents with young children as they try to work, and educate, from home.

A few times per week, Wright – aka Story Girl -- is putting her experience as a preschool teacher to good use. She has created a video series of children’s stories and other age-appropriate content. 

You can watch videos here

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"I’m using this opportunity to reach out to families with little ones who may be bored, restless or anxious,” Wright says. “In short videos – under 10 minutes – I’m reading a story and giving a prompt for a creative activity.

“My reasons for developing these videos are twofold: To help parents who are trying to teach their children at home get a few minutes to get something else done while I do the teaching; and to help give kids a little bit of comfort and reassurance through my ‘teacher voice.’”

Wright is considering other content.

“I don’t want to be limited to reading books, because I have some other fun ‘teacher tricks’ up my sleeve. For example, I might want to explain how to make Play-Doh at home. After you make it, you can create characters and props. Everything revolves around stories for kids at this age. They’re always thinking about making or telling a story. 

“So I can still be Story Girl!”