Summer Internship Key to Senior's Career Goals

Jun 22, 2020

A KeyBank position helps senior business administration major Autumn Tedrow learn about a potential career.

autumn tedrow

A summer job landed a year ago has blossomed into an internship on the road to a banking career for Autumn Tedrow. 

Tedrow, who will graduate in after the Fall 2020 semester, is a business administration major with a concentration in management and minors in economics and finance. 

Shortly after applying for a teller position with KeyBank last July, she was hired as a bank teller and subsequently was offered an internship through the Cal U Internship Center

“Next thing I knew, the coronavirus reached Pennsylvania, and we were put on lockdown,” said Tedrow, who is from Jefferson, Pa., and a graduate of Jefferson Morgan High School. “With everything going on, Cal U and KeyBank worked together to get me this internship, so I can graduate a semester early.” 

Tedrow’s internship takes place at multiple branches. Co-workers and managers shared their knowledge of opening and closing accounts, investments and certificates of deposit. 

“Banking is essential because if people were shut off from their money or loans, the whole world would erupt,” Tedrow said. “Being a teller during the pandemic has definitely been challenging, and quite a learning experience. 

“We stayed open through all of this so far, and I’ve been on the front lines helping people access their funds and assist with the stimulus payments. It has been scary, but I am willing to help people in any possible way I could.” 

After graduation, Tedrow hopes to get her banking license and looks forward to one-on-one interactions with clients. 

“This internship benefits me in so many different ways and has already helped me learn how to budget my own expenses, apply for loans, start investments and much more,” she said. “Some of the things I want to be able to do are help new families with mortgages, students with loans, new parents with savings accounts, and retired people plan ahead. 

“I will be forever grateful for the knowledge and help that the faculty and programs Cal U and KeyBank has provided me.”