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Vulcan Family Association

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Enriching the student experience by engaging families.


The mission of Vulcan Family Association (VFA) is to enrich the student experience by actively engaging families in the University community and serving as a communication link between the University and the families of future and current undergraduate students. It enables family members to actively participate and demonstrate PennWest California Pride, support, and inspiration during the college career of their PennWest California student. VFA members will interact with and lend support to other PennWest California family members.  VFA facilitates open communication and provides support and information to the families of PennWest California undergraduate students in order to enrich a positive and successful campus experience. 

What is VFA?

The Vulcan Family Association (VFA) is an inclusive and engaging community dedicated to providing support and opportunities for families of future and current undergraduate students to connect with one another and develop a partnership with PennWest California. VFA embodies PennWest California Pride and inspires families and students to believe in their abilities to influence and achieve. The VFA is a supportive network for family members as they navigate the admissions experiences and support their students during their college journey. VFA works to keep members connected through social media, programs, special events, newsletters, exclusive family emails, services, and volunteer opportunities with prospective students and parents. VFA is an avenue for family members to ask questions and communicate concerns.

The goals of the PennWest California Vulcan Family Association are to:

  • Assist family members during the admissions process through to graduation
  • Encourage family involvement by providing opportunities to volunteer and participate in PennWest California events
  • Support families with questions, concerns, and with their own transitional  experience
  • Keep families informed with accurate and timeline essential information including University news, services, events, policies, changes, and important dates and deadlines
  • Collaborate and partner with the University as families to implement support services and programs for the students to improve and enhance the overall quality of student success, campus experience and life, and PennWest California

Membership Benefits:

Nice perks!

  • Volunteer and service opportunities
  • PennWest California Bookstore Discounts (when advertised)
  • Free PennWest California gear at select events
  • Exclusive events for families

Communication and Information

VFA strives to facilitate open communication among students, parents and family members, association members, and the University in order to ensure families have access to timely and accurate information. VFA strives to meet the needs of families as well as involve them in the University community and serve as a resource for our students' families.

Many opportunities and channels to ask questions, address concerns, get answers and information, and share stories are available to family members through frequent communications and information- sharing platforms, including:

  • Monthly e-mail newsletters
  • Notices of important dates, reminders, and deadlines
  • Exclusive parent emails and mailings
  • Social media groups
  • Webinars and virtual information sessions

Involvement and Networking

The VFA provides opportunities for parents and family members to engage with the campus community, meet university administration, and network with one another. Gathering spaces are designated during most campus events for Vulcan Family Association members.

VFA members can volunteer at recruitment and student events, including Open Houses, New Student Orientations, Move-In Day, Welcome Week, and Family Weekend. There are many opportunities for VFA family members to get involved, such as:

  • Campus event support and involvement such as Move-In Day or Family Weekend
  • Social media presence
  • Volunteer time to conduct outreach calls and email campaign to prospective and incoming student families and new VFA members
  • Assisting Admissions with Recruitment Events and event planning*

Family Ambassador

As a family member of VFA, you may wish to serve further as parent/family ambassadors of PennWest California.  VFA ambassadors serve as stewards of through various volunteer opportunities such as: 

  • Participating in parent/family panels during New Student Orientation*
  • Hosting accepted student socials*
  • Host a regional PennWest California Parent Reception or Accepted Student Social in collaboration with Alumni Relations*
  • Host a PennWest California International Student over the holidays*

*Volunteers may need to complete and submit clearances depending on the nature and duration of the event.