What Can You Do with an Arabic Master Degree

A master’s degree focused on Arabic language from an accredited online graduate program can help you become an in-demand candidate for a broad range of jobs around the globe. As one of the top six most widely spoken languages, Arabic is used by hundreds of millions of people. Economic development initiatives are also changing and expanding throughout the Middle East and Africa, which translates into many international business and nonprofit job opportunities for bilingual speakers of Arabic.

PennWest California’s graduate program in Arabic is a comprehensive program taught by native Arabic speakers. Our online courses will:

  • Increase your fluency in Arabic within various social and written contexts.
  • Build your Arabic-to-English translation skills.
  • Help you articulate the defining traits of key societal institutions in Arabic communities.
  • Give you insights into the behavior of individuals and communities within Arabic culture.

 The above Arabic skills will position you for success,whether you choose to pursue a government career or want to use the skills you learn through PennWest California’s Arabic graduate program in humanitarian or commercial roles. 

So what can you do with a master’s degree that focuses on Arabic? Explore some of the many exciting positions that you’ll be qualified for with a master’s concentration in Arabic online. Many of these positions have a shortage of qualified applicants who can speak Arabic, so a graduate degree a master’s program with a strong reputation can make you a top candidate.

Arabic Language Careers with a Master’s Degree

Diplomacy Jobs

Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and it is spoken in 26 nations across the Middle East and North Africa. Earning a master’s degree with a concentration in Arabic can be a great way gain entry into many diplomacy roles around the globe. Diplomats are representatives of the United States who work with governments and companies to further peace and reach mutual goals in many areas, including climate change, human rights, the eradication of poverty and more. Two popular diplomatic job titles that you can pursue by earning an online master’s with an Arabic concentrationare:

  • CIA language officer:Provide translation, interpretation, language support and in-depth cultural insights for the Central Intelligence Agency. Arabic speakers with master’s degrees are currently on the top of the CIA’s list for in-demand professionals for this role.
  • Diplomatic courier:Carry classified and sensitive government materials across international borders for the U.S. Department of State. A degree from a graduate program in Arabic can make you stand out from the competition when applying for this job.

Learn more about government jobs for bilingual Arabic speakers.

Policy Analyst Careers

Use the Arabic language skills and cultural knowledge you gain with a master’s degree in social science from PennWest California to help shape policy agendas both inside and outside of governments. Many international businesses and governments are looking for policy analysts who are fluent in both English and Arabic to:

  • Research and develop public policy positions and campaigns.
  • Work with policy makers, industry bodies and third parties to advance corporate or government policy agendas.
  • Organize events and initiatives in Arabic speaking countries or communities.

Intelligence Jobs

Government agencies such as the CIA and the FBI are seeking professionals with knowledge of Arabic and a graduate degree who can use their language skills and cultural insights to gather information and help ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the United States.Your responsibilities as a bilingual Arabic intelligence analyst will cover a diverse range of activities, including:

  • Identifying potential agents and targets.
  • Validating Arabic intelligence and evaluating the credibility of Arab sources.
  • Delivering formal intelligence reports or giving briefings to government agencies and task forces on Arabic-related information.
  • Collaborating with other intelligence analysts and government agencies to gather information and piece together comprehensive big-picture intelligence insights.

Read on to learn more about what can you do with a master’s degree that focuses on Arabic language and linguistics. 

Translator and Interpreter Careers

PennWest California’s master’s degree with a focus on Arabic language will prepare you for a wide range of Arabic translator and interpreter roles. Arabic translators work with written documents, while Arabic interpreters provide real-time interpretations of spoken language. Both jobs are in particularly high demand, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 29% job growth for interpreters and translators between 2014 and 2024. PennWest California’s Arabic master’s degree program will give you hands-on training in both translation and interpretation in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), as well as the opportunity to build language skills in Egyptian and Levantine Arabic dialects.

Humanitarian Positions

Leverage your Arabic graduate degree to make the world a better place. Bilingual Arabic speakers with knowledge of Arabic culture are needed in many humanitarian organizations around the globe. Depending on your interests, you could work on initiatives in the Middle East, North Africa, and in Arabic communities elsewhere on humanitarian projects revolving around:

  • Water and habitat.
  • Economic and food security.
  • Protection and detention.
  • Human resources.
  • Forensic science.

Immigration and Naturalization Services Careers

According to migrationpolicy.org there are more than 23.9 million immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa worldwide. A graduate degree from an Arabic master’s program, like the one offered online at PennWest California, can position you for a role where you can help these immigrants either in the United States or abroad. Advanced Arabic language skills and cultural insights are desperately needed for positions including:

  • Immigration counselor.
  • Immigration paralegal.
  • Immigration clinic manager.
  • Immigration court translator.
  • Refugee resettlement officer.

 Education Jobs

A master’s degree with a concentration in Arabic language is a vital credential if you want to teach Arabic language or culture at the college level. It is also a great degree to supplement a teaching license in order to teach Arabic in middle and high schools. PennWest California’s Arabic graduate degree program will give you the Arabic language mastery you need to work in education, and we can also help you find internship and student teaching positions to help prepare you for these roles. Many PennWest California graduate degree students also work as Arabic educators outside of the traditional classroom, whether they are giving private lessons, working in corporate education, or serving as language instructors for the armed forces.

The above roles are only a small sample of what can you do with an Arabic master’s degree. You can learn more about Arabic careers here.

If you already have your eye on a specific Arabic career, don’t delay. Apply for a PennWest California master’s in Arabic online, today.

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