2021-2022 Academic Catalog

B.A. in Arabic to M.A. in Arabic

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Program Description

The Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Culture prepares students to read, write and speak Modern Standard Arabic. Qualified undergraduate students in this program may be eligible to participate in an accelerated B.A.-to-M.A. program, which enables them to take graduate courses that apply to both their bachelor's degree in Arabic language and culture and (thereafter) a master's degree in Arabic language and linguistics. 

Cal U's Master of Arts in Arabic Language and Linguistics is designed for students interested in gaining advanced expertise in Arabic language and linguistics.  

Program Coordinator

Dr. Razak Surrey


The following curriculum shows the requirements for completing the Arabic language and culture bachelor's degree under the accelerated B.A.-to-M.A. program. Additional graduate-level courses are required to complete the master's degree; refer to the graduate academic catalog for these requirements.

Course Credits
General Education Courses 40 or 41
Building a Sense of Community
UNI 100 First-Year Seminar
ENG 101  English Composition I
Public Speaking
Any Public Speaking Course
Mathematics and Quantitative Literacy
Any Mathematics and Quantitative Literacy Course
Health and Wellness
Any Health and Wellness Course
Technological Literacy
Any Technological Literacy Course
Any Humanities Course
Fine Arts
Any Fine Arts Course
Natural Sciences
Any Natural Sciences Course
3 or 4
Social Sciences
Any Social Sciences Course
General Education Options
  • Any Ethics and Multicultural Awareness Emphasis Course
  • ENG 102  English Composition II
  • General Education Options Courses (two courses)
Required Major Courses 18
ARB 101  Elementary Arabic I 3
ARB 102  Elementary Arabic II 3
ARB 203  Intermediate Arabic I 3
ARB 204  Intermediate Arabic II 3
ARB 350  Advanced Arabic I 3
ARB 351  Advanced Arabic II 3
Required Related Courses* 12
Select from accelerated options:
  • ARB 610  Arabic Linguistics (3 credits)
  • ARB 620  Arabic-English translation (3 credits)
  • ARB 630  Arabic Lit and Cultural Aspects (3 credits)
  • ARB 640  Dialect Acquisition and Variation (3 credits)
  • ARB 810  Special Topics in Arabic (3 credits)
Related Electives 6
Select two courses in a foreign language and/or culture other than Arabic 6
Free Electives 44
Total 120

Additional requirements, not counted toward the General Education requirements, include:

  • Special Experience Course (1 course required): Any Approved Special Experience Course
  • Writing-Intensive Component Courses (2 courses required): Any Approved Writing-Intensive, Upper-Division ARB courses
  • Laboratory Course (1 course required): Any Approved Laboratory Course

* Regular B.A. options for "Required Related Courses" include:

  • MFL 481  Mod Lang Intern (3-12 credits)
  • MFL 460  Mod Lang and Cultural Intern (3-12 credits)
  • MFL 479  Mod Lang and Field Studies (3-12 credits)
  • ARB 480  Selected Topics in Arabic (3-12 credits)
  • ARB 311  Arabic Conversation (3 credits)
  • ARB 341  Contemp. Arabic Culture (3 credits)
  • ARB 342  The Culture of Islam (3 credits)
  • ARB 401  Intro. to Arabic Linguistics (3 credits)
  • ARB 402  Arabic Translation (3 credits)
  • ARB 421  Arabic Lit. in Translation (3 credits)

Program Notes:

  • Graduation Requirements: Minimum GPA - 2.00; Minimum Credits - 120 for only B.A. All major and general education courses completed.
  • 42 credits of the required 120 credits must include advanced-standing courses (defined as any course numbered 200 or above with at least one pre-requisite course). Any course numbered 200-299 must have at least one pre-requisite course to be counted as upper division. 300 level and above is counted automatically as upper division.
  • Academic Advisement: Consult your adviser regarding an appropriate schedule and all other issues relating to your major.
  • Additional Reminders: Developmental courses do not count toward the credits necessary for graduation but are calculated in your overall GPA.

Additional Requirements

Undergraduate students in the accelerated program may register for no more than 6 graduate credits in any one term, and in terms when a graduate course is registered, the student may not register for more than 18 total credits.

It is the student’s responsibility to apply and meet the qualifications of the graduate program portion of the accelerated program. Failure to follow through with enrollment in the accelerated graduate program will result in additional undergraduate credits to complete the bachelor’s degree, as outlined in the Undergraduate Credit for Graduate Courses policy.

Additional accelerated program requirements may be found at: https://www.calu.edu/inside/forms/_files/academic-affairs/accelerated-program-application.pdf

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