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DAN132 - Ballet Technique I

This course emphasizes introductory, entry level instruction in the basic ballet techniques practiced in Western Europe and the United States. Basic techniques include barre exercises, port de bras, and center practice with jumps, beats and turns.

DAN133 - Jazz Technique I

This is an introductory, entry level jazz technique class emphasizing American jazz dance style. The focus of instruction and performance is on developing flexibility, isolation techniques, as well as jazz jumps, kicks and turns necessary for most forms of jazz dance. This course is a 3 credit course and is required for dance minors.

DAN134 - Tap Dance Technique I

This course emphasizes instruction in the basic tap techniques practiced classically and in modern day. Basic techniques include a center warm ups for feet, floor progressions with tap technique and center practice encompassing rhythm and timing elements.

DAN232 - Ballet Technique II

Ballet II is a second level course designed for the development of strength and fluidity through an extension of techniques demonstrated in specialized study and drill. Emphasis is placed on quicker retention of complex combinations. Further emphasis is placed on center floor work to develop the student's artistry, technique, and physical ability in the dance form.

DAN233 - Jazz Technique II

This course is intended for more advanced students who already have a basic understanding of jazz technique. This course will be a resource for improving one's overall technique, improving style, and becoming comfortable with choreographing a solo as a final for the class. Jazz II is intended to be a challenge and opportunity to improve both physically and mentally as a dancer. This course is required for dance minors.

DAN260 - Modern Dance

Modern dance is an expressive form of movement which serves to enhance individual creativity and exploration. The class will emphasize creative problem solving through movement and modern dance technique. The development of movement quality, as well as the use of force, time and energy, will be explored while learning the rich history of modern dance. Every second spring. (3 crs.)

DAN301 - Theatre Dance I

Introductory, entry-level instruction in the basic elements of period movement/style used in acting and musical theater, as well as social/ballroom, jazz and tap dance, will be presented in this course. Student presentations of these various styles and dance forms used in musical theater will be provided by the instructor and evaluated for credit. This course is required for all theater majors and acting minors. Character shoes required for females. Fall or spring. (3 crs.)

DAN302 - Theatre Dance II

This course will help the dancer develop specific movement skill and style in the area of musical theater. Emphasis will be place on the basic techniques of American modern, jazz and tap forms including those used by Agnes DeMille and Jerome Robbins (American modern), Bob Fosse and Michael Bennett (jazz), as well as Gene Kelly and Gregory Hines (tap). This course is required for dance minors. Prerequisite: Dance minor or permission of instructor. Fall or spring. (3 crs.)

DAN399 - Dance History

The historical investigation of dance in its traditional, social and theatrical contexts. The student will be expected to give presentations, write papers and take part in group projects and discussions. Spring semester, odd years. (3 crs.)