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GTY100 - Introduction to Gerontology

An introduction to the field of aging for majors and non-majors. A general overview of the psychological, biological, cultural and behavioral aspects of aging.

GTY200 - Aging in American Society

This course reviews the physical, social and cultural aspects of aging within the context of contemporary demographic and historical variables. Students will assess the impact of aging on the individual, the family, the workplace, the community and the U.S. society as a whole. Theories about roles and adjustments in later life are examined from a cross-cultural perspective to determine their relevance for both rural and urban settings. (3 crs.)

GTY300 - Aging Policies and Services

This course provides a review of the public policies that have the greatest influence on the lives of older persons and those that have been promulgated especially because of concern for older persons. The major policies affecting older Americans are discussed in detail. The course will also discuss the evolution of policies as an outgrowth of developments in our society and the processes by which policies are introduced, debated, and established. The course will also examine the controversies, choices, and decisions involved in current policy debates and examine ways in which practitioners in aging can be involved in the policy process. (3 crs.)

GTY305 - Biology of Aging

This course is an introduction to the biological aspects of aging, both normal and pathological. Studied are age-related changes in the digestive, skin, musculoskeletal, endocrine, and reproductive systems.

GTY310 - Aging and the Family

Overview of the theory/research on families in later life, including a synthesis and review of existing literature, identification of research issues and needs and implications of this information for practitioners, researchers, and family members. (3 crs.)

GTY315 - Practicum in Gerontology

Exploration of the professional skills required to work in the field of gerontology and the positions available through working in such an agency under the joint supervision of a community partner and gerontology faculty member. Prerequisites: GTY 100, 200, 300, 305, and junior standing. (3 crs.)

GTY320 - Alternatives in Long-Term Care

Exploration of the current and emerging options for older adults needing long-term care, including institutional and community-based approaches. (3 crs.)

GTY330 - Dying, Death and Bereavement

Introduction to and survey of the current issues, concepts and research of the social and psychological aspects of death, dying and bereavement.

GTY340 - Diversity in Aging

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the diversity among aging individuals and subgroups in this country and in other countries around the world. The course surveys aging in this country and around the world with a view toward identifying commonalties and varieties of the aging experience; demographic features; values; kinship; economics; policies; and political, religious and educational roles. (3 crs.)

GTY350 - Ethical Issues in Aging

This course examines the difficult and perplexing issues facing those who work in the field of gerontology or those who are involved in the care of older adults from a personal perspective. Issues such as competence, independence, informed consent, managed risk, surrogate decision making, rational suicide and patient autonomy are examined. The course also helps students to develop a personal, professional, ethical framework within which to consider legal and ethical issues in working with older adults. (3 crs.)

GTY380 - Wellness and Aging

This course is examines the prevention or moderation of age-related physical changes and shows ways in which individuals can have greater personal control over the individual aging process by directing attention to significant lifestyle modifications and preventive health care strategies. The course also considers the psychological and social implications of age-related changes for human behavior.

GTY400 - Adult Development and Aging

Introduction to psychology of aging. An overview of later life cognitive processes including intelligence, learning, memory, problem solving, and creativity. Examination of adult socialization, personality adjustment, psychopathology, and death. Pre-requisite: GTY 100 (3 crs.)

GTY410 - Research Methods in Gerontology

This course presents information and requires completion of assignments designed to develop the skills gerontologists need: 1) to formulate research questions and determine the method(s) of investigation likely to obtain the most meaningful results; 2) to identify literature relevant to one's study, read it critically, and summarize the pertinent findings; and 3) to write research proposals related to aging. Emphasis is placed on developing library research skills, critically analyzing research, and becoming a knowledgeable consumer of research.

GTY430 - Seminar in Gerontology

For advanced gerontology students to intensively examine and discuss selected aging subjects. Topics chosen by instructor; research paper/project required. Prerequisites: GTY 100, 200, 300, 305, and junior or senior standing. (3 crs.)

GTY440 - Internship

Development of the professional skills required to work in the field of gerontology through working in an agency under the joint supervision of a community partner and gerontology faculty member.