PHS-Physical Science

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PHS120 - Basic Physical Science with Laboratory

Basic Physical Science (L) is a laboratory-oriented course in physical science for non-majors. Laboratory activities/experiments are assigned, providing a hands-on introduction to experimental methods of scientific investigation. Each activity provides opportunities for the student to discover the practical knowledge necessary for a well-rounded understanding of physical science. Two hours lecture and one hour laboratory each week. (3 crs.)

PHS137 - Introduction to Environmental Chemistry

This course provides knowledge of basic chemical principles and applies that knowledge to a consideration of current environmental issues such as ozone depletion, global warming, air and water pollution, and the hazards of radioactivity. It will provide the student with an opportunity to begin to appreciate the chemical complexity of environmental issues. It is included in the General Education menu of natural science and lab component courses. (3 crs.) Spring, Fall.

PHS145 - Astronomy

A presentation of methods of investigation and results of astronomical discoveries. Survey of facts and important astronomical theories. Solar system, what is a star, multiple star systems, variable starts and stellar evolution will be discussed. Instruments of the astronomer, such as telescopes and spectroscopes, will be used. Three class hours each week. As needed. (3 crs.)