RET-Robotics Engineering Tech

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RET110 - Agile Robotics I

This course provides a basic introduction to the field of robotics technology with particular emphasis on first-generation agile robotics as characterized by remotely piloted mobile robots. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of robotics, the student is exposed to many facets of robotics including concepts from computer, electrical and mechanical disciplines with a focus on engineering processes. The laboratory component features activities to solidify lecture concepts and team-oriented, hands-on projects to solve basic robotic problems. (3 crs.)

RET120 - CADD Concepts

An introduction to the principles of drafting and design, this course covers terminology and fundamentals, including size and shape descriptions, projection methods, geometric construction, sections, auxiliary views and reproduction processes. This course provides students with a basic understanding of modern technical drafting and modeling fundamentals for engineering design. Students will be introduced to freehand sketching, multi-view orthographic projection, shape modeling and its applications in computer-aided drafting and design (CADD). Experiences will include geometry development and projection techniques, visualization methods and feature representation, as well as geometric modeling techniques for CADD, drafting practices, manufacturing processes and materials documentation. Two hours lecture, three hours lab per week. (3 crs.)

RET160 - Agile Robotics II

This course continues from Agile Robotics I by delving into the details of second-generation agile robotics technology as characterized by mobile robots with autonomous behaviors. Course highlights include use of software tools, further details of robotic systems, application of robot control programming, motion planning and additional applied technician skills. The laboratory component provides discovery activities to solidify lecture concepts and team-oriented, hands-on projects to solve autonomous robotics problems. Prerequisite: RET 110; corequisites: CSC 124, MAT 191. (3 crs.)

RET210 - Robotic Teaming

Modeled from the third generation of agile robotics evolution, this course explores the concept of adding inter-robot communications to autonomous robotic platforms to support swarming behaviors. Swarming capability is a common requirement of both industrial and personal robotic systems to achieve collaborative tasks using a team approach. Sufficient coverage and application of a computer programming language and of an embedded robotic platform is included. Two hours lecture, three hours lab per week. Prerequisites: CSC 124, MAT 191, RET 160 (3 crs.)

RET260 - Robotic Systems Project

This project-based course integrates learning objectives of the robotics engineering technology program along with project management principles. Under the approval of the instructor, students will identify and realize a semester-long project based on mobile robotic technologies. Major phases of the project include literature research, project specification, project design, implementation, documentation and presentation in alignment with established engineering technology methods. Two hours lecture, three hours lab per week. Prerequisite: ENG 217, PHY 121, RET 210 (3 crs.)