General Education

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The purpose of the General Education program is to provide the foundation on which a student's education rests and can continue to expand throughout life.

General Education includes the broadly defined essential skills and knowledge (in the liberal arts, science and technology, the social sciences, mathematics, critical thinking and reasoning, and communication and expression) needed to live healthy, ethical, fulfilling and productive lives in the modern world. However, General Education goes beyond simply fostering a particular set of skills, but additionally aims to place those skills in a wider context so that students develop the ability and habit of applying them to every aspect of their lives. General Education ensures that our graduates' education is comprehensive, introducing a wide variety of experiences, worldviews and methodologies by sampling diverse academic disciplines.

As stated in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Board of Governors Policy 1993-01, "The most important outcomes [of the General Education Curriculum] consist not so much in the mastery of particular bodies of knowledge as in the acquisition of skills, values, awareness, understanding, perspective and appreciation needed for continuing professional and personal growth in a rapidly changing world."

At California University of Pennsylvania, the General Education curriculum follows naturally from the core values of the University: integrity, civility and responsibility. Students experience these values not only in their chosen area of specialization, but also more broadly in their exposure to the arts, humanities and social and natural sciences. This liberal education provides the essential basis for building character and careers in an increasingly dynamic world.

California University of Pennsylvania believes that a liberal education is essential for all students, regardless of the profession for which they may be preparing. The goals, objectives and courses that comprise the General Education program are designed to provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills they will need to pursue their careers and to lead productive and rewarding lives.