2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Health and Wellness (3 Crs.)

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Students will have an understanding of the various means by which they may fulfill their potential as healthy people living in healthy communities across the lifespan. Wellness is the result of individuals making intelligent decisions concerning the various factors that can affect their physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual and environmental health. Courses must include one or more of the following emphases: eating and exercising toward a healthy active lifestyle; building healthy relationships; understanding and preventing disease; explaining alcohol and drug use and abuse; making healthy choices; and building healthy communities.

Educational Goals:

  • To compare and contrast healthy and unhealthy (relationships, drug use, choices, etc.) lifestyle factors that influence health;
  • To assess one's level of health and wellness, and develop skills for behavioral change;
  • To assess one's own sense of self (emotional health) and identify qualities of good emotional/mental health;
  • To analyze, design and assess culturally competent health and wellness promotion plans for individuals and communities; and
  • To determine barriers to achieving optimal health and wellness among all populations, including those which experience health disparities.