Residence Hall Guest Policy

PennWest California maintains a very strong commitment to campus safety and security. Exterior lighting is an important part of this commitment. Parking areas, pedestrian walkways and building exteriors are well lighted. Surveys of exterior lighting on campus are conducted by University Police officers on a regular basis, and the Physical Plant Department gives high priority to maintenance of exterior lights that need replaced. Members of the University community are encouraged to report any exterior lighting deficiencies to University Police.

PennWest California maintains six residence halls. Each floor has at least one student staff member residing on it who is responsible for monitoring activity, advising and assisting students, and building community. Each residence hall has an emergency telephone on the front of each building.

Every effort is made to ensure the safety of campus residents. In order to enter the secured areas of a residence hall, students must utilize the CalCard swipe at the front door. A University or other photo ID is required for non-residents to enter. Desk assistants are on duty in the main lobby to assist in monitoring building access. In all residence halls, exit doors not clearly visible from the main desk are equipped with self-contained alarms. In addition, video cameras record activity at all building exits, computer labs and other areas as needed in laundry rooms and lobbies. Security screens are installed on ground level windows in certain areas, but they are secure only if residents keep them locked.

Resident director office hours and RA/GA on-call schedules are posted in the residence halls. Student Affairs deans are on call for advice and intervention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Resident Hall Guest Policy

Guests are allowed during designated hours, which vary by floor. Roommates should agree to the presence of any guests in the room. Guests must present photo ID to be signed in. All non-resident guests must be signed in and escorted in all facilities. Guests are limited to a three-day stay. Non-student guests need to be at least 18 years old or have written consent of their parent or guardian to visit in the residence halls.