Parking at Cal U

You've arrived at California University of Pennsylvania. Now where can you park your car?

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Parking for Students, Faculty and Staff

Students, faculty and staff who wish to park at Cal U must register and obtain a parking permit/hang tag. A variety of parking options are available, including accommodations for drivers with handicapped placards. See how to properly display your permit.

Learn about registering for student parking permits in upcoming semesters here. Students with an existing parking permit must access their parking account online to renew their parking permit for spring semester. Permits are not automatically renewed.

Manage Your Parking Account / Pay Your Citation
Register for parking, renew your permit, edit your parking account and pay any citations you may have. Manage Account

Help and Frequently Asked Questions
Learn more about parking terms, view frequently asked questions or contact the Office of Parking and Transportation. Help and FAQ

Parking Options and Fees
View a parking map and discover the many different parking options available on campus. Parking Options

Rules and Fines
The Office of Parking and Transportation has created specific rules to help ensure the safety of drivers on campus. Rules and Fines

Request Special Event Parking
If you have a request for special event parking on campus, please download the special event parking form

Visitor Parking

Visitors to campus may utilize the pay-by-meter / license parking in Lot 11 and Lot 17 or the Vulcan Garage.

The Vulcan Garage has 660 spaces, five (5) levels of parking and is open for temporary hourly parking and permit holders.

Vulcan Garage FAQ

How do I get a permit for the garage?

There will be a designated number of student permits made available through the waitlist process. Students that are considering the garage as a permit option should place themselves onto a wait list now.  Wait lists will be released during the winter break and be available to students to purchase permits for the 2022 spring term. Cost for a student permit is $150 per semester.  Anyone needing assistance in placing themselves onto a wait list should contact our office at 724-938-4677.

Staff and faculty who were prior permit holders for the Vulcan Parking Garage will be notified of availability, after which, any remaining available permits will be made available to staff/faculty and students for purchase.

In addition, we have restored the “special permit” parking area on level five (5). Please note that once this area has reached capacity, the screen will read “access denied, special permit has reached capacity.” In this situation you should pull a ticket and you can exit the garage within the grace period. If you wish to continue to park in the garage when there is no longer “special permit” space available, you can do so and just pay for your parking session as you exit.

What is different in the garage?

The garage has a new gate system. Each exit lane has a “pay in lane” station; just scan your ticket’s QR code and it will prompt you for payment. You can use the convenience of pay in lane with a credit card only.  If you prefer to pay with cash, a walk-up cash pay station can be found on Level 3 (it also accepts credit cards).

How does this work?

For permit holders:

  1. Have your permit properly displayed with the correct side facing outward.
  2. Pull into the entry lane.
  3. The gate will read your permit and open. (Please, allow the gate to completely open before proceeding forward to begin your parking session).
  4. A permit allows you to enter and exit multiple times as necessary.

Tip: The gates are not as fast as you may experience on toll roads, please be patient and slowly enter the garage.

A:  For non-permit holders:

  1. Enter the garage, stop, pull a ticket, park. When exiting via the “pay in lane” stations, scan the QR code on your entry ticket, the amount owed will show on the screen. If you would like a receipt, you must select receipt before paying with your card.
I don’t have a credit card; how can I pay for my parking session?

There is a walk up pay station near the elevators on Level 3. This pay station accepts cash and credit cards.

I have a guest/visitor/speaker coming to campus, where should they park?

The pay by hour garage is specifically designed to accommodate visitors to campus. They should be directed to pull a ticket as they enter and pay as they leave and request a receipt for their travel reimbursement before entering their card.

What happens if I forgot my permit?

Please pull a ticket, and park. Once you are ready to exit, please stop by the parking office and we can validate your ticket for that session. (Verification will be completed to ensure the permit is valid in the system.)

What if there is an issue with a gate?

Each entry and exit lane is equipped with a help button, pressing the button will alert someone in the parking office (after 4pm the University Police will receive the alert).

How much will it cost to park in the garage?



Hours Rate

  • 0-1 $1.00
  • 1-2 $2.00
  • 2-3 $4.00
  • 3-4 $6.00
  • 4-8 $8.00
  • 8-12 $12.00
  • LOST TICKET - $24.00

Shuttles and Buses

Due to a transportation agreement between MMVTA and California University of PA, all Cal U students, faculty & staff with a valid CalCard ID ride all MMVTA routes at no charge when presenting their valid CalCard ID to the driver. View Schedules and Routes or Download a PDF Route Map and Schedule.

TraXster: Real Time Bus Information

TraXster will show all MMVTA routes that are in service. This will allow MMVTA to ensure and monitor TraXster. Please provide your feedback by contacting MMVTA by phone 724.489.0880 or by email

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