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Free Parking for APSCUF Members

Beginning Aug. 12, 2013, all APSCUF members (faculty and coaches) may obtain at no charge a permit providing access to a specific parking lot on campus.

To obtain a permit, faculty/coaches should visit the parking office in Manderino Library, Room 123. The Department of Parking & Transportation will do everything possible to accommodate specific lot requests.

Like other drivers who park on campus, faculty/coaches must display a valid parking permit and park in their designated lot.

Parking in the LOTs that have pay by license meters does require the parker to pay hourly to park in these designated areas.

(Please note: The managed parking system remains the same for all drivers who are NOT members of APSCUF, including Cal U staff who are represented by other bargaining units.)

The Department will attempt to accommodate a faculty persons request for a specific lot, however there maybe times where the specific lot has exceeded the allowable permits in these cases another lot should be chosen and a permit will be issued for free.

Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about on-campus parking for APSCUF members.


Who is eligible for this FREE parking permit?

Members of APSCUF (faculty and coaches) will have the opportunity to obtain a FREE permit for a specific lot. 

How do I register to park on campus?

Parking registration is ongoing. To request a parking permit/hangtag, visit the Parking and Transportation webpage. (You can find it easily using the “Quick Links” at

To register for a permit online, you will need to provide this information:

  • Your license plate number.
  • The make and model of your primary vehicle.

You may register up to three vehicles per permit. 

The Department of Parking & Transportation will do everything possible to accommodate specific lot requests. 

Will faculty members be required to obtain parking permits?

Yes. Everyone who parks on campus is required to display a parking permit. Drivers are permitted to park only in the lot(s) designated on the permit.

What if I already have a parking permit?

APSCUF members (faculty or coaches) who wish to select a different parking lot may do so by returning their existing permit to the Office of Parking and Transportation. A new permit will be issued at no charge. 

May I park anywhere I want?

No. Once you obtain a permit for a specific lot, you are required to display your permit properly and park in that designated lot only.

In the future, what if I would like to park in a different lot?

APSCUF members (faculty or coaches) who wish to select a different parking lot may place their names on the parking waitlist. When a permit is awarded for the new location, it will be issued at no charge.

I recently purchased a new vehicle. Do I need a new permit?

To update your vehicle registration, you can edit/maintain your Cal U parking account online. If you need assistance, contact the Department of Parking & Transportation.

What if I have a reserved parking space?

If you wish to retain your reserved parking space, you are required to purchase the space at the current rate in place for APSCUF members. If you do not purchase the reserved space prior to the start of the fall semester, it will be removed from your account.

If you do not renew your reserved parking space, you may keep your permit for the specified lot at no charge.

Will faculty and staff be able to pay for a reserved parking space?

Yes, anyone may elect to upgrade to a reserved space.

If my designated parking lot is full, where should I park?

If your paid lot is full, free parking is available for University employees in the designated faculty/staff free spaces in Lot 4 and Lot 14. Students should contact the Parking and Transportation Office at 724-938-4677 so they can be directed to a parking area.

If my designated parking lot is full, should I park in another lot, where I might be ticketed?
No. Please contact the Parking and Transportation Office at 724-938-4677 and you will be directed to a parking area.

If my designated lot is full and I’m ticketed for parking elsewhere, will the fine be reimbursed? 
If you feel that you have received a citation unfairly, you have 72 hours to appeal.  Instructions for filing an appeal are printed on the back of the parking citation.

Would the cost of a citation be applied to my payment(s) for parking?
No. Citations must be paid online with a credit card, or in person at the Parking and Transportation Office, where cash or credit cards are accepted.

How am I going to be reimbursed if I parked on campus?

California University will reimburse APSCUF members (faculty and coaches) who paid the University parking fees, including interest, through payroll deductions on pay date August 23, 2013.

How am I going to be reimbursed if I parked off campus?

APSCUF members (Faculty and coaches) who parked off campus and incurred parking fees will need to submit verifiable receipt of payment (i.e. parking receipt) within 60 calendar days after the start of the Fall 2013 semester or by October 25, 2013. All parking receipts should be submitted at one time along with a Parking Reimbursement Statement.

The University will then review these receipts on a weekly basis and process the appropriate reimbursement, including interest, through a separate Accounts Payable check.

All receipts should be sent to the Office of Administration and Finance (Box 5), 250 University Avenue, California, PA 15419.

I expect to retire at the end of the academic year. What do I do?

Anyone who no longer needs a parking permit should return his/her current permit to the Department of Parking & Transportation so it can be reissued.

Office Information

  • The Office of Parking and Transportation is open between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays to assist with parking registration and related concerns.

    Entrances to the office are located in Manderino Library and on the ground floor of the Vulcan Parking Garage. To reach the office from the parking garage, either park in the Vulcan Parking Garage or walk in to the garage from the Carter, Building B, Sixth Street or East Street entrances.

    If you have questions about parking, please give us a call at 724-938-4677 or check out the latest parking updates on this site.

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