Meal Plans

Eat how and when you like with a dining membership at PennWest California. Choose from a variety of meal plans designed to give you the number of fresh, healthful meals you expect to eat each week.

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Both resident students and commuters may select a meal plan. Students who live in main-campus residence halls are required to have a meal plan, but many Vulcan Village residents and commuters appreciate the convenience of having fresh, healthful meals ready and waiting, without the hassle of shopping, cooking and cleaning up.

Choose the meal plan that suits your lifestyle.

Meal plans can be used up to three times per day, during the breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night meal periods. Choose the plan that fits you best; no refunds are given for missed meals.

Four meal plans are offered for resident students and six for commuters. Each meal plan includes Dine Dollars, which are accepted like cash at all PennWest California dining locations. You can draw from your Dine Dollars account for snacks, beverages or whole meals purchased on campus for you and your friends.

The dining membership you choose is programmed into your CalCard campus ID. Just swipe your card and the value of one "meal equivalency" is deducted from your meal plan account. Use your CalCard to make purchases with Dine Dollars, too, or to replenish your Dine Dollars account.

Meal Plans for Resident Students

  • Unlimited meals per week. (Includes $150 in Dine Dollars)
  • 19 meals per week.
  • 14 meals per week.
  • 10 meals per week.

Plans includes $200 in Dine Dollars.

Meal Plans for Commuter Students

In addition to the four plans offered to residents, commuters may select:

  • 75 Block Plan (75 meals per semester).
  • 40 Block Plan (40 meals per semseter).

Each of these plans includes $100 in Dine Dollars.

Learn more about meal plans, including costs, and find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.