2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Vice President's Office / Dean of Students

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Student Affairs can help you get answers, discover resources and explore student life, all of which will enhance your life while at Cal U. The primary goal of the division is to provide essential support services that assist students as they pursue their academic goals. The Student Affairs office is located on the third floor of the Natali Student Center, and our main phone number is 724-938-4439.

Attendance Concerns

Except in cases of emergency, it is your responsibility to inform your professors in advance if you expect to be absent from class. If your absence is the result of sudden illness, hospitalization or an emergency family concern, contact the Dean of Students for an attendance memo as soon as possible at 724-938-4439.

The Dean of Students will verify documentation related to your absence, contact your instructors regarding the issue and provide support to you during the time of crisis. The Dean of Students may not be able to provide a memo if you do not make contact for support within a reasonable timeframe.

Remember, it is still your responsibility as a student to be in contact with your professors when you are able to return, or during your absence, if able. Ultimately, it is up to you and your faculty member to determine any course adjustments and approval of excused absences.

Medical Withdrawals

Students who are unable to complete the semester due to personal medical or emergency family issues should contact the Dean of Students at 724-938-4439 to discuss the possibility for an administrative/medical withdrawal.

Office of Student Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct is intended to provide guidance and structure for students in their relations with others, use of University and other's property, and development of appropriate decision-making abilities. Students learn from each situation they are involved in to refine decision-making and problem-solving skills and reflect on actions and decisions. In addition, students come to understand how their actions affect others and future career goals. All students should review the Student Code of Conduct and the University's policies on reporting and handling alleged violations. Additional information is found at https://www.calu.edu/inside/student-resources/student-conduct/index.aspx or call 724-938-4439.