Information needed to book your event at Steele Hall

1. Have you coordinated space yet?

  • If you have not yet secured your event location, submit a request through Event Services Space Reservations/EMS for all events to be hosted on the University’s campus and related-properties.
  • For last minute meetings and questions about space options in Steele Hall, please contact Jimmy Amor

2. Are you having Food and Beverage at your event?

  • All food and beverage must be provided by AVI Foodsystems, Inc., the exclusive food service provider of PennWest California. Please contact AVI directly to make food and beverage and billing arrangements via:


    Richelle Bernardo, Director of Catering

    724-938-1602 |

  • Check out AVI’s catering menu online

3. Have you set your event’s agenda?

  • Remember to share this with your event manager!

4. Do you have attendees coming from off campus who will need to park on campus?

  • Complete the Digital Entrance Sign Form and send to Gloria Minutello
  • Complete the Event Parking Request Form and send to Mary Kirk