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Dropping/withdrawing from individual courses

Full withdrawal from term or PennWest California

Medical withdrawal

Dropping/withdrawing from individual course(s)

Course drops or withdrawals are sometimes necessary and depending on the part of term for the course.  Withdrawals can have financial aid and monetary impacts on your account whereas a drop will not.

Every term begins with a drop/add period in which students may add or drop a course without a “W”.  During the Spring and Fall terms, the drop/add period falls within the first 8 days of the term.

Summer & Winter drop/add periods will be prorated depending on the length of the course. Please refer to our Summer College webpage for the specifics regarding the summer/winter terms.

Once the Add/Drop period has ended, students may withdrawal from individual courses via VIP.  Withdrawing from a course after the Add/Drop period is over will still incur tuition and fees and a “W” grade will be assessed. 

Information regarding tuition and fee refund schedules/policies please click Withdrawal and Refund.


  • Drop a course: No tuition is charged and no “W” grade is given. 
  • Withdrawing from a course: Tuition and fees are prorated and a “W” grade is received.
  • Withdrawn for non-attendance: If you are reported as not attending via roster verification during the 3rd/4th week of the term, you will be dropped from all of your courses and potentially withdrawn from the term.
  • Dropping/Withdrawing from your final course – VIP is configured to prevent students from accidentally removing their entire schedule. If you wish to drop or withdraw from all of your courses please refer to the Withdrawal information posted on the previous page for appropriate contacts. 

Full Withdrawal from term or PennWest California

Making the decision to withdraw from the university can be difficult and we want you to be able to make an informed decision.  Please review the following definitions of "Withdrawal" so that you can make the best choice on which office/person you need to contact. You will then need to contact the office or person listed below to complete the withdrawal process. Upon contacting the proper office or person you will be walked through the process and if necessary counseled on the effects of withdrawing. Students seeking to withdraw from all courses should carefully consider such an important decision and its impact on their academic career and financial aid status.

Financial Aid Recipients
If you are receiving federal aid, know that a total withdraw will likely result in your financial aid being adjusted and reduced. As a result, you would then owe payment to the University. It can also reduce your future eligibility for financial aid. Consult this link; Financial Aid for more information. If you are unsure about how a total withdrawal may impact your financial aid or if your reason for withdrawal is due to financing, please contact the Financial Aid Office before proceeding, finaid-cal@pennwest.edu or 724-938-4415.

Billing Considerations
Please review the criteria for drop/add tuition refunds from the Office of Student Accounts Office to see what your financial obligation to the University would be after your withdrawal. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts if you have any questions regarding your bill after withdrawal, bursarsoffice@pennwest.edu or 724-938-4431.

Medical withdrawals

Our medical withdrawals are handled by the Office of the Registrar and they will assist you in this processing and help to determine the appropriate documentation needed.