Healing Journey – Aaron

He came back to finish his degree. He found a fresh start. 

Aaron Jones started his bachelor’s in 1998, dreaming of a degree in communications and a career in radio. Life had other plans. He left school in 2003, got a corporate job at Bank of America in Pittsburgh and gained a lot of weight. By 2013, he hit 425 pounds and was facing weight-loss surgery. After surgery, he returned to PennWest California to finish his communications degree. But he discovered a new calling – helping people make the journey to a healthy lifestyle as a trainer and gym manager.

His path wasn’t easy. In addition to carrying a full course load, Aaron was working 80 hours a week, and striving to live a healthy life – ultimately losing nearly 230 pounds. He owes this awakening to his professors at PennWest California. They helped him find a passion, and they helped him find the master’s program that was right for him. He also found a dedicated group of graduate students who were always there to support each other – even though they were pursuing degrees in other fields.

"My professors did more than teach a class, they taught me about life. At PennWest California, i discovered the power of self- accountability: that you can’t simply hide behind excuses. That idea has been a motivating factor in my life. And it’s a lesson I share with all of my clients."