Chain Reaction – Tyler

Working with two professors, he’s fighting the opioid crisis. 

Tyler M. Klenk is a finance major who’s spreading his wings into application development. Working as a research assistant, he and his professors found a way to use blockchain technology to merge three national tracking systems to quickly determine which patients are trying to get multiple prescriptions filled – and which pharmacists are filling an abnormally high number of opioid prescriptions. It was a major undertaking, and one that Tyler couldn’t have done without the supportive student-faculty relationship and focus on experiential learning that make a PennWest California education so valuable. His work has paid off with a Presidential Scholar Award, and it’ll certainly pay off in the future.

Tyler found success and a close working relationship with his mentors and professors. Our Office of Academic Success can help you develop your particular strengths and skills, identify your interests, and set a path toward accomplishment.

"The professors here are great. They really love seeing students go above and beyond, and they’ll help you find opportunities to grow."