Logos for Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Organization Logos

PennWest California is proud of its student clubs and organizations. The University recognizes that these extracurricular groups enrich student life and provide many opportunities for learning and leadership development.

Because they are valued components of our PennWest California community, student clubs and organizations in good standing may request an official logo that proudly expresses their connection to the University and its overall brand.

The Creative Services team in the Office of Communications and Marketing will create a customized logo upon request for student groups in good standing with the Student Association Inc. Specifically:

  • Each official club logo will consist of the trademarked PennWest California Logo or (in the case of sports clubs only) the official PennWest California Athletics Wordmark or Vulcans Wordmark, plus the name of the student organization. Sports clubs may combine the PennWest California Athletics or Vulcans Wordmark with the Vulcan Logo if desired.
  • Where there is potential for confusion between a sports club and an NCAA team on campus, the club’s logo will include the word “club” in the organization’s name.

Approved combinations of brand elements are available for club logos, depending on the intended use (uniforms, T-shirts, fundraising items, etc.) Creative Services will work with the student organization and the club adviser to provide option(s) suitable for the group’s needs.

All uses of PennWest California brand elements, including logos created for student clubs and organizations, must comply with the University’s official branding guidelines. Club advisers can access these guidelines on the PennWest California website. (Visit the Faculty/Staff Resources page and look under “Tools” for “Branding and Logos.”)

Do We Have to Use an Official Logo?

No. Student organizations are not required to request or to use an official logo. However, NO organization, including student groups, may use any of the University’s trademarked brand elements, including the Vulcan Logo, PennWest California Logo, Clock Tower Logo and all official wordmarks, without express permission.

Changing the color, size, orientation, design or other feature of a trademarked logo to create a “new” design also is expressly forbidden. If a student organization chooses to create its own unique logo, the design must be completely distinct from all University logos and cannot be based on past or existing PennWest California brand elements and trademarked designs.

Student organizations also should not use outdated brand elements (the “old” Vulcan logo, “red block” logo, “script Cal,” etc.) on new or re-ordered items. These brands no longer represent our University, and while they may appear for the remaining lifespan of team uniforms and other durable goods, they should not be re-ordered and may not be used to create new organization-specific designs. (For concerns about re-orders, email creativeservices@calu.edu and request a consultation with the Creative Services team, which can assist with finding a solution.)

Note: These guidelines are intended to protect and control the use of brand elements that identify and personify PennWest California. Our logos and wordmarks communicate to the public a relationship between the University and the department, office, program or student organization that uses these official marks. While PennWest California is proud to identify its student groups as valued members of our University community, approved use of an official logo does not constitute an endorsement of the student organization's specific purpose, mission or principles; nor does the use of an official logo indicate that a student organization or its members speak or act on behalf of PennWest California.

If your student group would like to request an official PennWest California branded logo, please complete the logo request form below.

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