PowerPoint, Letterhead and Business Cards 


Your expertise and PennWest California’s brand identity make a winning combination. Using a branded PowerPoint template establishes your role as a member of our PennWest California community. The template below can be downloaded and used as-is or customized to include the name of your College, academic department, or University office.

Remember that Arial is the preferred font for all PowerPoint presentations. You may use Arial’s regular, bold, italic and bold italic styles to establish a hierarchy that distinguishes headlines, subheads, text and captions.



Add a professional look and share your PennWest California pride at your next Zoom meeting. Download this image and use it as your Zoom background.


Letterhead Stationery

If you need 500 sheets or fewer:
Official letterhead stationery for your department can be printed through the copy center or our print vendor. Please consult with Creative Services if a custom letterhead is requested (for example, stationery for a special event that lists the department chair’s phone number instead of the main department number).

All copy center print jobs, including stationery requests, should be emailed directly to printingservices@calu.edu. Requests must include a cost center, the department name, and a clear explanation of how to complete the job (for example, “Print 100 sheets of letterhead stationery on 8.5”x11” generic white paper. Please call Ext. #### when letterhead is ready for pickup”).

Learn more about available printing services and how to place your order on the printing services webpage.

If you need more than 500 sheets:
Larger stationery orders - and orders that include envelopes - are handled more cost-effectively through our print vendor. Turnaround time is typically one week or less.

For large orders, contact the director of Creative Services at Ext. 4274 or email creativeservices@calu.edu. We will assist with supplying the proper artwork to the vendor.


Business Cards

Business cards with the new Clock Tower Logo can be ordered via email from University Printing Services. The minimum order is five sheets (120 cards). Your email request must include this information: cost center, department name, your name, your title(s), phone number and fax number and/or mobile phone number (if desired).

Email your request for business cards to printingservices@calu.edu. Learn more about available printing services and how to place your order on the printing services webpage.